Michael Mickelson

Senior Software Developer

Westminster, CO

Senior Software Engineer Nasdaq (Longitude) April 2020 - Present

  • Coordinated with multiple international clients to deliver custom proprietary solutions
  • Integrated React applications to perform demonstrations for clients and salespersons
  • Founded a second book club for learning new technologies while maintaining the relationship with the previous
  • Participated in the 2020 Nasdhack Hackathon and achieved 3rd place

Web Developer II at Lake Michigan Credit Union June 2019 - February 2020

  • Implemented a proprietary CMS for the front-end website
  • Integrated SonarQube into the existing CI/CD processing on Azure DevOps 2017
  • Drafted documentation for QA, BA, and BU use
  • Championed the use of Unit Tests and created the groundwork
  • Founded a book club for learning new technologies

Web Developer at Technology Solutions of Michigan April 2018 - May 2019

  • Refactored existing code to be more performant
  • Forged new features for an existing legacy VB.NET application
  • Coordinated directly with clients to determined requirements
  • Synchronized update scheduled with countries across the globe
  • Shifted paradigm between multiple projects day-to-day

Web Developer at Colorado State University (July 2013 - April 2018)

  • Developed for the Collaborative for Student Achievement using C# MVC
  • Contributed multiple web applications for departmet use
  • Programmed in tandem with experienced programmers
  • Independently created tools given a brief synopsis of the system and periodic meetings for feature requests
  • Explored additional opportunities for tool creation beyond directive
  • Assisted non-technical staff with computing issues including hardware and software
Computing Skills and Languages


  • ASP.NET Core, .NET Core (1 year)
  • ASP.NET, C#, MVC (8 years)
  • React (6 months)
  • VB.NET (1 year)
  • SQL(8 years)
  • Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core (4 years)
  • Bootstrap 3 + 4 (5 years)
  • HTML, CCS, Javascript(7 years)
  • jQuery (7 years)


  • Visual Studio
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Git
  • Bash

Bachelor's of Science from Colorado State University (2017)

  • Biological Science degree with a concentration in Anatomy and Physiology
  • Multiple classes in biology, chemistry, physics, calculus, and chemistry
  • Completed multiple Psychology courses including
    • Abnormal Psychology
    • Child Psychology
    • Social Psychology
  • Additional coursework towards Computer Science degree with courses covering
    • Java and C Programming
    • Algorithms and Data Structures
    • Computer Organization
    • Unix
  • Lake Michigan Credit Union CMS 2019
    • A proprietary CMSa for use by LMCU employees to update member site
    • C# MVC, Entity Framework 6, SQL, Bootstrap 3, and jQuery
    • Picked up where a previous developer had left off with minimal information
      • Original developers had left before finishing the application
    • Utilized RazorEngine library to generate HTML from user input into a WYSIWYG editor
    • Implemented a system of checks-and-balances with an approval process for every change
    • Tracked history of every change made to a page
    • Worked closely with a small, focused team adding new features simultaenously
  • Snowpaths 2018
    • Console application written in .NET Framework
    • Received GPS points via a Verizon API to track the movements of Snowplows in Michigan cities
    • Processed those points using a KML overlay to show street plow status
    • Required use of TPL and parallel programming
    • Data was delivered using an API layer to be read by a simple web page
    • Additionally designed and updated the marketing site for the application
  • Pse Event Housing 2017
    • Hotel booking site designed for sports teams and players
    • Redesigned by a third-party with new CSS and HTMl
    • Integrated existing legacy MVC code into the new designs while adding additional features
    • Worked directly with the CEO of the client company to get exact specifications
    • Additional work in the backend WebForms application allowing for management of front end content
  • World Wide Labs Improvement 2017
    • Legacy application written in VB.NET
    • Provides affordable inventory and management software to hospitals in underdeveloped areas
    • Required coordination with multiple time zones including Nepal
    • Met directly with the client to determine requirements, bugs, and new features
    • Used inline SqlCommand to generate updates from database
    • Wrote and refactored numerous stored procedures and triggers
    • Introduced new features leveraging the latest technologies to begin moving away from the outdated methodologies
  • LCDashboard 2017
    • C#, SQL, and HTML Web Application
    • Small application allowing Community coordinators to track their admitted students and their housing information
    • Given a layout and independently worked to deliver it within a short time frame
    • Used uniform Bootstrap 3 design with jQuery DataTables
  • PCard 2017
    • Inherited partially completed code from previous employee
    • Redesigned and rewrote code to meet current standards using C# MVC, HTML, and Bootstrap
    • Implemented file upload utilities to save PDFs to a remote directory for further processing
  • U-Turn 2016
    • C#, SQL, and HTML Web Application
    • First utilization of Bootstrap 3 and jQuery DataTables
    • Organized with an annual event in mind.
      • Students were notified to take a survey before each event
      • On the event date, students could check in with coordinators
      • Coordinators could then meet one-on-one with students and discuss their survey responses
      • System tools would then allow them to build out an “Action Plan” with links to on campus resources
      • After the event, the system would automatically email each student their completed action plans
  • Outreach and Support 2015
    • HTML and the Mojo Portal Content Management System (CMS)
    • Worked with small group of non-technical staff to gather their ideas for a new front-end site
    • Built the stylesheet from scratch around the existing CMS layout
    • Educated staff members on proper usage of CMS and responded to their requests and criticisms
  • ETI 2014
    • Designed to allow staff to send emails from department accounts besides their personal address
    • Utilized a User Role system to group departments together, allowing the sharing of templates
    • Allowed staff to automatically add recipients based on their ID Number without knowing their name or email address
      • Lookup using an existing SQL database of students, gathered from main campus
    • Utilized C# and HTML
      • First personal project with near complete autonomy
    • Worked with staff members to rapidly respond to errors and push updates on the fly
    • Created a from-scratch stylesheet for the entire site
    • Began updating in 2017 to use improved jQuery plugins and a uniform bootstrap style to bring the system in line with other sites
  • Outreach and Support 2014
    • mojoPortal site
    • Created a custom theme based on staff requests and recommendations
    • Built a custom jQuery carousel to be used with the mojoPortal layout
    • Created tutorial documents to assist staff in editing and updating content
  • Taking Stock 2013
    • Initially built upon C# Web Forms and HTML
    • Accesses databases using LINQ-to-SQL tools
    • Allowed any Resident Assistant (RA) to view the students on their floor in a sortable table
    • RA users could track their student’s survey progress, notes from academic advisors, and send them emails from an in-site system
    • Re-deployed in 2017 as an MVC project using new Bootstrap styles and jQuery Data Tables
    • Worked directly with superior to determine layout and function, then worked independently to incorporate those ideas into a working site


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